The main ideas behind personal development are simple to understand but they are not easy to implement. In order to make it’s a little easier; I have created a step by step guide to personal development that anybody can follow! Following the instructions in this guide is simple and guaranteed to lead to improvement in your life, but most people won’t actually do them. This has revolutionized my life and it can revolutionize yours as well. So take these principles serious and you will find great success in your life as well.


Part 1: Develop a success mind!

The fundamental first step to personal development is believing you can improve yourself. If you are reading this article then chances are you already have some confidence in yourself and to cultivate that is crucial! Most people pass up great opportunities because they believe they are not good enough for the opportunity. You will only ever be as good as you believe you can be.  As David J Schwartz says in his great book, The Magic of Thinking Big “Those who believe they can move mountains do, those who believe they can’t cannon. Belief triggers the power to do.”

So how exactly do you start believing in yourself you might be asking?

Step 1: Think you about succeeding not failing!

Make success a dominate thought in your mind, and avoid thinking you will fail. If you go into any situation thinking you will fail you probably will, or you at least will get a lot less than if you went in thinking you would succeed. When you think you will fail before you begin you already are on the path to failure, if you think you will succeed before you begin you are on the path to success. Thinking you will succeed give you self-confidence, composure, and a sense of control over every situation. So eliminate the failure attitude and put in its place the idea of success! Now I am not saying never thinking about possible pitfalls and failure, it is very valuable to find weaknesses and where you might fail. Finding weak points and possible failures is crucial. Believing you are able to overcome or avoid those failures and believing you will succeed despite them is what is important.

Step 2: Never sell yourself short.

You can accomplish way more than you can imagine. Never sell yourself short, and always believe any goal you want is doable. There is no significant intelligence difference between successful people and unsuccessful people. So anybody can achieve greatness including you.

Step 3: Believe it’s possible.

Let me tell you right now your dream is possible! You have it within yourself to achieve any dream you may hope to achieve! Keep telling yourself, as the great Les Brown once said, “It’s not over until I win!”

The first step to personal development is belief, know you can do it and in time you will have done it.

Part 2: Develop your skills,

Belief is the crucial first step; it is what will drive you to accomplish part two. Once you start believing in yourself and realizing personal development is possible, you will feel compelled to look for ways to accomplish your goals. This is where step 2 comes in. For some goals, you might already have the skills needed and you can skip to part 3, but for most goals you are going to have to learn and grow in order to accomplish your goals. Let’s say for example, your goal is to win a martial arts competition, lets also say you have no martial arts training. This obviously shows the important of this step. You will never win the championship unless you develop your skills in martial arts. You can believe you will all day and night but unless you decide to develop your skills you will not be able to. Step two is where most people stop developing themselves because this is the most time consuming part that requires the most dedication and discipline.

Some methods you can use to develop any skill are as follows:

  1. Read

Reading is vitally important, almost any skill you want to learn has a book written about it, even if the skill is learning a martial arts there can be a lot of value in reading more about all types of martial arts. This could help you learn which style of martial arts you want to learn, or some insight into methods used to teach martial arts. The point is any skill can be enhanced by reading. Do you want to become an expert in a field? If you read a book a month for a year in that field, by the end of the year you will already know more than 95% of people on the subject.

  1. Practice

Most skills you want to read will require practice, whether they are physical or not you are going to have to practice the skill you want to learn. A great way to practice is to break the skill you want to learn into parts. Identify the most important parts. Then focus on mastering each part individually. Then combine all of the parts together once mastered.

  1. Find a mentor or coach.

Finding a mentor or coach is so valuable it can’t be understated. This is somebody who has already mastered the skill you want to learn and can give you enormous insight into their pitfalls and setbacks as well as give you real time feedback on how you are doing. Ideally I suggest finding a mentor who already accomplished what you dream to accomplish, that way they can help you every step of the way.

Remember, when trying to learn these skills it can be hard and you will face challenges, but you have to persevere and push on. You have to remember that personal development is not easy but is necessary for an extraordinary life. Wrong decisions add up as easily are right decisions. Deciding to practice your skills every day over years will lead you to greatness, but by the same token neglecting to practice over years will lead you to failure. The pain of discipline weighs ounces the pain or regret weighs pounds. Stay disciplined, it will hurt now but not being discipline will hurt much more later.

Part 3: Take action

This step is obvious but often not done. To develop yourself you actually have to take action. You can believe in yourself, and you can educate yourself but if you do not actually do anything nothing will happen. You actually have to take the action necessary to develop yourself for anything positive to happen. If you want to start a business, you have to believe you can start it and the business will succeed, gain the skills necessary to compete in your industry, then you have to actually open the business. If you want to win a marathon, you have to believe you can win, learn how to run well, then actually run the marathon. This is the curial step to making all of the hard work of steps one and two pay off.

One of the most common excuse is “it’s not the right time.” The truth is it’s never going to be the right time. People always wait for the perfect time and there is no such thing. If you are waiting for the perfect time you will be waiting forever, the best time is now! Go accomplish your dreams!

Bonus Video: The greatest personal development speech ever given!!

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