There are a lot of myths surrounding success; some people see it as this mythical uncontrollable force that some people have and others do not have. Because of this, many rumors about success have come up over the years. In this list we talk about the five most pervasive rumors that are complete myths.

1. You need to be lucky to succeed

The first myth on our list, and probably the most pervasive, has to be the idea that you have to be lucky to succeed. The worst part about this myth is how destructive it is to people who want to succeed. When people believe that luck is the only factor in success, people do not do the hard work required to succeed and without hard work there is no success. Most people would not gamble if it took a lot of work to do so, and if they think success is just a gamble, why would they do the hard work required become successful?

The reality is you do not have to be lucky to succeed. Success comes to anybody who is willing to do the hard work, learn from their failures, and persevere when everybody else has quit. As Samuel Goldwyn once said “The harder I work, the luckier I get.”

2. You need to be born into the right family

Like most of the myths on this list, this myth shifts responsibility and is more of an excuse than anything else . Sometimes I feel like these myths were propagated by people who failed and wanted an excuse for their failure. The myth that you have to be born into the right family could not be farther from the truth. Yes, it is true that some people do inherit a great deal of wealth, but the vast majority of the rich and successful earned their way there. In fact, most children of successful people are less likely to be as successful as their parents and are more likely to waste their fortunes. Almost all of the incredible success stories of wealth are from people who come from modest means. Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, and Mark Zuckerberg are just a few examples of people who came from the middle class or poorer and made themselves a fortune. In America, where there are no political classes and there is social mobility, the right family doesn’t exist when it comes to wealth.

3. You need to be extremely intelligent

Another myth that probably started as an excuse is the intelligence myth. The idea behind this is that only the most intelligent people can have massive success. People will often get the false sense that you must be born a genius to have massive success. This could not be further from the truth; almost all of the people who are extremely successful do not possess any special intelligence. They can’t learn any quicker or understand things any easier than the average person. What ultra successful people do, however, is invest their time in themselves. They treat time like a resource and invest their time in improving their abilities and knowledge. After years, this investment makes them look like geniuses to the ordinary person. The problem is, we often only see the end result, so we never see the struggle and failures of successful people, which makes it seem like they are just gifted when, in reality, they are not. Anybody can become a “genius” if you are willing to invest your time in yourself.

4. You need to have the right idea at the right time.

This myth is terrible because there is some truth behind it. People always point to Bill Gates or Steve Jobs or Jeff Bezos and claim they had the right idea at the right time, often exclaiming, “If only I had that idea I would have been rich too!” In truth, a revolutionary idea can grant you immense success and money, however, it is not necessary to become successful. What’s more, for all of the people with amazing ideas, they had tons of terrible ideas before that. The difference is, they kept trying until they found something that worked. Successful people continuously improve themselves and are always on the lookout for new ideas or new ways to do things. They also know how to learn from failure and keep going until they come up with a great idea. The key point to take away is that you do not have to be lucky enough to have a great idea at the right time. You simplly have to be determined enough to keep trying and learning and, eventually, you will gain traction.

Those are the top four myths about success. What do you think? Did I miss any? Meet me in the comment section to discuss further.

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